Robotiq offers flexible electric robot grippers providing unique agility and versatility to industrial manufacturing. Robotiq servo grippers are designed to handle a wide variety of parts by using a single gripper and thus eliminates the use of custom tooling and tool changing systems.

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Robotiq Adaptive Robotiq Grippers

By using our Adaptive Robot Grippers in an automated application involving a high-mix of parts you:

  • Eliminate changeovers by using a single gripper for all your parts.
  • Reduce fixture costs and complex tooling.
  • Shorten pick-up time through partial opening/closing of the electric gripper.
  • Reduce operational costs and reaction time.
  • Solve operator ergonomics and access problems.
  • And it makes you ready for mixed-model production.

Robotiq 2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper - 85

A compact and flexible electric gripper to pick all your parts, eliminate changeovers and reduce custom development time and cost.

Compact and flexible this 85 mm of stroke 2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper has been designed to give industrial automation the flexibility needed to automate processes including a high-mix of parts. Fully programmable, this robotic gripper can handle a wide variety of parts through three distinct gripping modes: parallel grip, encompassing grip and inside pick.

2 finger gripper

Main Gripper Features


  • High payload to weight ratio.
  • Long stroke with compact form factor.

3 Gripping Modes

  • Parallel
  • Encompassing
  • Inside grip

Precise Control Interface

  • Full control on fingers' position, speed and force.
  • Grip detection.


  • Compatible with all major robot manufacturers.
  • Communicate with robot controller over: Ethernet/IP, TCP/IP, DeviceNet, CANopen, EtherCAT, Modbus RTU
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Robotiq 3-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper

Give to your robot hand-like capabilities with this rugged and dexterous electric gripper.

Designed for applications dealing with a wide variety of parts, the 3-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper represents a solution to improve process flexibility and consistency. This robotic hand gives “hand-like” capabilities to robot arms in advanced robotic applications and industrial automation such as robotic welding, machine loading/unloading, bin picking and research.

robotiq 3 finger

Main Gripper Features


  • Handles a wide variety of part geometries and sizes.

Precise Control Interface

  • Straightforward control over fingers' position, speed and force.

Rugged and Reliable

  • Designed for industrial environments.


  • Compatible with all major robot manufacturers.
  • Communicate with robot controller over: Ethernet/IP, TCP/IP, DeviceNet, CANopen, EtherCAT, RS232.
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Robotiq Force Torque Sensor - FT 150

This 6-Axis Force Torque Sensor designed for force and position control is easy to integrate and offers immunity from external electrical noise.

Robotiq Force Sensor

Use the signal directly as digital input to your robot controller. No need for an external signal processing box.

The FT 150 performing assembly, pick and place and hand-guiding applications with Adaptive Robot Grippers.


  • High quality signal
  • Digital from the start, Immune from external noise, No filtering required
  • Direct communication with your robot controller
  • No need for an external signal processing box
  • Software packages available on Universal Robots, Linux, Windows and ROS
  • Also compatible with industrial robot manufacturers such as: Yaskawa, FANUC and ABB

Easy Integration

The FT 150 is offered with software packages for Universal Robots, Linux, Windows and ROS to help you to speed up your application development.

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Robotiq Applications

robotiq applications

Machine Tending

Automation of machine tending processes that include a wide variety of parts often sounds like complexity and expensive custom tooling. Now, your industrial robot only needs a single robotic gripper to handle all your parts.

Collaborative Robots

The 2-Finger 85 has been designed for collaborative work in terms of payload, flexibility and user-friendliness. We strive at getting the full benefits out of robotics and making robotics accessible to everyone.


Control the position and force of the fingers on your robot gripper to pick a large variety of part sizes, geometries and material strengths in your robotic assembly application. Use a single robotic gripper to handle all your parts!

Welding Robot Teaching

Finding and retaining skilled welders is an industry wide challenge. With Kinetiq Teaching, the robot becomes a tool to leverage your welder’s experience and increase your welding production.

Advanced Manufacturing & Research

This robotic hand provides researchers with a flexible and durable gripper that is robust and affordable, has good grasping ability and is easy to control. A ROS package is also available.

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