OnRobot provides state of the art gripping and sensing technologies for companies interested in industrial automation. You can find all types of sensing systems for collaborative applications like assembly, surface finishing, pick and place, machine tending or testing.

OnRobot RG2 and RG6 Grippers

RG2 and RG6 Grippers

Plug and Produce grippers for higher ROI.

  • No external cables
  • Adjustable gripper mounting
  • Gripping feedback
  • Automatic payload and TCP calculation
  • Depth compensation
  • Customizable fingertips
  • Dual gripper

RG2/RG6 collaborative grippers are true Plug & Produce solutions. The fast installation and simple programming reduce your deployment time by 30%.

HEX-E, HEX-H F/T Sensor

Automation made simple by a sense of touch using Optoforce Technology.

  • Comprehensive software package
  • No programming skills are needed
  • Functions like center pointing, insertion, hand guiding or path recording
  • Precise presence detection
  • Keep constant force while moving
  • Adds the sense of touch to your robot

The pre-programmed OnRobot force sensing applications and the intuitive user interface ensure a quicker integration and easier operation with the sense of touch.

OnRobot RG2 and RG6 Grippers
OnRobot RG2 and RG6 Grippers

RG2-FT Gripper

See and touch objects with intelligent gripping.

  • Gripper with F/T sensor at the fingertips
  • Detects workpiece using proximity sensor
  • Detects risk of slipping before it happens
  • Precise & simple depth compensation
  • Integrated force-controlled insertion software
  • Force/Torque sensor for enabling precise machine tending, assembly jobs and collaborative operations

You can automate high precision assembly tasks with OnRobot RG2-FT. The in-built 6 axis F/T sensors at the fingertips provide extremely accurate gripping for better production quality.

Gecko Gripper

Attach like a gecko and automate more

  • Grabs with gecko-style adhesive
  • Picks up flat objects without air system
  • Can lift solid or porous objects
  • Instantaneous gripping
  • Integrated load sensor for precise gripping
  • Proximity sensor – part presence

The nature inspired OnRobot gecko technology makes it possible to attach and lift any kind of flat and smooth surfaces. Fast and easy gripping technology for pick & place applications.

OnRobot RG2 and RG6 Grippers
OnRobot RG2 and RG6 Grippers

VG10 Vacuum Gripper

Handle a variety of objects in many different sizes without air supply

  • No external cables or air supply
  • Dual grip with individual vacuum channels
  • Flexible adjustment of suction cup arms
  • Configurable suction cups
  • Vacuum sensors feedback

The VG10 is specially designed for collaborative robot applications. A true Plug & Produce solution, the VG10 works straight out of the box and into your production line in less than 30 minutes.