Pick-it 3D

Pick-it is the only plug and play 3D vision on the market that provides a user friendly and flexible system which solves many different vision applications within the robotics market.

Easy-to-use vision system for robotics

Pick-it guides your robot to pick and place a wide range of products in different applications.

  • Fast, easy setup
  • Detect overlapping parts in 3D
  • Detect parts in all colors
  • Detect parts of most materials
  • Works in changing and poor light conditions

Pick-it 3D is the ideal solution for automating big or small batches with fast changeovers.

Pick-it camera
Pick-it feature

A fast payback

Pick-it does not require extensive training and can be operated by non-vision experts.

  • A fixed price without surprises
  • Configuration and set-up can be done by the operator
  • No need for expensive vision consulting and programming
  • Integration with the robot is solved for you!

A first pick on the first day

The advantages of this easy-to-use product are flexibility and a fast and easy set-up.

  • Plug in your robot and the Pick-it 3D camera
  • Show Pick-it where your robot is (Robot-camera calibration)
  • Show Pick-it where to look (Region of interest).
  • Show or tell Pick-it what to look for.
  • Add Pick-it commands to your robot program.
  • Run program and Pick-it will handle the rest

Pick-it Products

Pick-it is a plug and play product that is ready-to-use out of the box. The 3D camera and Pick-it software detect the 3D position, orientation and dimensions.

Easy software

  • No need for any programming
  • Configuration is done through an easy to use web interface
  • Runs on an included dedicated processor

3D camera

  • Finds overlapping products of varying sizes
  • Works with reflective surfaces
  • Works in changing and poor light conditions

Industrial processor

  • Pick-it includes a powerful industrial processor
  • The Pick-it 3D vision system is pre-installed
  • Connect through Ethernet to your robot
Pick-it products
Pick-it m-hd

Pick-it M-HD

Best fit for picking of small and medium sized objects with high accuracy.

  • High resolution 3D camera
  • Highly accurate
  • Best in class
Pick-it m

Pick-it M

Best fit for picking of medium sized objects from bins, boxes and tables.

  • High resolution 3D camera
  • No parameters, real plug and play
  • Fastest ROI in the market
Pick-it l

Pick-it HD

Best fit for picking of large sized objects from pallets and bins.

  • High resolution 3D camera
  • No parameters, real plug and play
  • Fastest ROI in the market

The Pick-it software

Pick-it is easy to use, no programming is needed.

Connect your pc or laptop to the Pick-it processor and start configuring your application.

The configuration of a Pick-it application is done through a web interface in your Google Chrome web browser.

The Pick-it software includes:

  • An easy to configure interface
  • Integration software for all our partner robot brands
  • A lot of useful tools to speed up the setup of your applications
Pick-it products

Easy pallet unloading with Pick-it L

With the combination of our proven easy-to-use software and our new L camera you can set up a smart automated depalletising application in just 1 day.

Pick-it L features

  • Unload circular shaped products right from a pallet
  • Unload boxes in a pattern from a pallet
  • Depalletise complex shaped products


Pick-it supports all of the following robotic applications: bin picking, machine tending, depalletizing, conveyor handling or kitting and assembly.


Pick-it provides you with a highly flexible solution thanks to our 3D vision technology. Pick-it can handle various sizes of boxes, crates, barrels, bags at the same time. The FLEX engine will look for geometric shapes (cylinders, boxes, spheres).

Machine loading

Pick-it allows for automated robotic machine loading, which increases productivity and frees skilled workers for doing value-added work, such as maintenance and quality control.

Bin picking

Kitting / Assembly

Pick and place